“My message is designed to inspire the audience to a greater level of performance towards the success of your organization, corporation, or team. Helping others unlock their unlimited potential for maximum results creates a winning culture both personally and professionally.
That is my mission, now let’s make it yours.”
– Norris Thomas

Your Why Defines Your Try!

My personal story of overcoming homelessness and the decision at age thirteen of wanting to share this message with the world. Learn of my journey from a small town in Alabama to professional football and beyond. This story is also the inspiration behind my book titled, “In His Image”…Fatherless to Fatherhood. Join me as we explore the most powerful word in the dictionary…”Dreamer.”

Five Characteristics of a Successful Decision

Leadership and Performance
The Decision has been made that a desired Success is the goal for your organization. How will you know that everyone is on the same page and how will you recognize progress? Learn the Five Characteristics of a Successful Decision that effects bottom line Results!

  • Sharpened Focus
  • Clarity of Mission
  • Discipline
  • Increased Production
  • Mastery……..WINNING!

Pride, Poise, & Pursuit

Norris captained the 1992 Stagg Bowl Football Championship Team at The University of Wisconsin- La Crosse. Pride, Poise, & Pursuit was the mantra that season as their head coach suffered a mid-season heart attack on their way to being #1. Pride, Poise, & Pursuit is an excellent starting point to set the tone for your organization or team to achieve maximum results.

  • Pride- Understanding that you are part of something larger than yourself!
  • Poise- Great at what you do and a problem solver!
  • Pursuit- Relentless in your efforts for Success!

Chalk Talk: Choices

Motivation: For Youth Groups
Using the X’s and O’s of football, we are helping today’s youth examine who is on their team and the obstacles that they face in life where Choice is governed by a Decision.

Apple for Your Thoughts!

Learn the keys to navigating a successful school year while embracing your role in society to shape and mold the minds of our future. As an experienced administrator with the U.S. Department of Education and in the classroom, I will share some valuable tips on classroom management, jitters for newcomers, and stories with humor that will leave the audience energized to Change the World!

Master of Ceremonies: “Your EMCEE for Tonight!”

You plan the event and I will make it happen. From the age of six years old I have always had the microphone in my hand and I consider it a gift to be able to run my mouth. Allow me to make your event flow smoothly so that you can enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Your audience will be entertained as well as informed of the purpose of why they are supporting such a wonderful cause. “The Show Must Go On!”